A simple blog

I was meant to be going to see The Kills play the roundhouse tonight, but a friend canceled, and i'm not quite the type to go to gigs alone. Instead i revamped my website, made a couple of etherial atonal based ambient loops, made a Martini and ordered a curry. I'm very lucky to have a faithful spaniel to keep me company when i'm at home doing home things, it makes nights like tonight a little more .... film.

The impetus for this text you're reading is because today made me think of the simple approaches to doing things. I had a "day off" today, which meant not physically going into the studio, but i still spent half a day in front of my laptop writing / tweaking / editing / doubting / enjoying / loathing and elating songs and ideas i'm currently working on. Often my "days off" are far more productive than when i sit in front of a deposit for a house worth of gear and crave inspiration from any corner of my fading memory. Like a healthy relationship between a dealer and his addict. Just one more good idea, just one more, then i'll feel better.

I started, as most people i know in this industry did, being a music fan. I love music, and everything that comes with it. I wanted to be like my hero's of music, Freddie mainly, with a heavy dose of James Hetfield and Kurt Cobain. Playing in bands led me to studios, which led me to London, which led me to vast arrays of genres, which led me to exploring production styles, which led me to writing sessions, which ultimately led me to forgetting what it was about music that got me here. I ended up making music by numbers, making songs i thought other people wanted to hear, with not a great deal of passion given. There were definitely moments of pure inspiration but they were few and far between. 

The ideas i created tonight thanks to my canceled plans, hopefully the basis of a song or two for an upcoming EP, are more pure and free and unique than anything i wrote a year ago. I wasn't planning on writing or creating what i did, it just kinda happened, i was influenced by whatever had happened or i had listened to during the day, it reflects the mood i was in. There have been plenty of times where i put myself into impossible situations to create and be spontaneous, i guess i should know planned spontaneity is a bit of an oxymoron. 

I'm going to keep these blogs short, not only because i've never done anything like this before, but because i want to keep an open ended train of thought to these rambles. For those who know me i tend to repeat myself, and might repetitively stress a point with examples. I'll try not to do that but the focus of this blog is certainly the relationship between mind and music. Like my songwriting, i'm doing this for myself. If you find enjoyment reading this then great, lets hang out and chat.